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Old Corrugated Containers OCC

We supply card board waste for recycling to a network of trusted partner mills around the world. We provide efficient, cost-effective, solutions to our customers.

We are major suppliers of new printed or unprinted corrugated case material in trim / shredded form, sourced from corrugated box manufacturers around the world. . 

Mixed paper is one of the major recycling grades of paper available worldwide. We supply Mixed Paper that  consists of all paper and paperboard of various qualities not limited to the type of fiber content, sorted and processed at a recycling facility.

Mixed paper for commercial recycling purposes consists of a mix of any 2 of the following 3 grades:

  • groundwood (newspaper)
  • office waste (free sheet)
  • kraft (cardboard)

Consists various papers per bale, between 15 – 20% white heavy letter, 30% WF Col. Shavs, 25% coloured heavy letter and maximum of 15% coloured best pams and 5% coloured constat.  This paper may also contain max. 10% mechanical content.

Material must be free from latex binders, self adhesive labels, wet strength poly-laminates & other contraries.  

We are suppliers of all sorts of waste paper qualities but our main volumes are OCC collected from companies, sorted graphic paper and printing-houses.

Our expertise and presence in different markets around the globe enables us to source and provide quality products that suits our customers and to their required standard specifications. 

Scrap Traders supply various grades of waste paper (OCC, BBC, Mix Waste, SOP, POC, HWS, Multigrade and many more) as raw material to leading paper mills. We try to offer superior quality products at competitive prices.